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Quarantine Nutrition Reset

Guest blogger Series: Amanda Theriot from Bitter Spice Kitchen

We are excited to publish our first installment of our guest blogger series. We ask notable authors, professionals from various backgrounds, and other insightful people to send us a blog post on various topics. This installment of the series comes from Amanda Theriot of Bitter Spice Kitchen. With over 20 years of experience in a professional kitchen and 7 years as a hockey Mom, we are grateful for her taking the time to write an article for us pertaining to food and nutrition. Her upcoming blog is in the works and sure to be a hit!

Guest Blogger Series: Laugh. Learn. Inspire.

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well during this Quarantine. We have been doing lots of training at  home, but it’s just not the same as being on the ice.

During this time at home, I have been thinking, ”What better time reset your nutrition habits?” I have seen so many families returning to the family dinner table, and so many people experimenting in the kitchen. It’s so refreshing! I know that everyone’s situation is different and everyone is juggling different issues, but one thing is certain: we’re stuck at home and we can control (for the most part) what’s being served there. What better time to establish some better eating habits?

 On my few trips to the grocery store since the Shelter In Place order was issued, I’ve noticed that the selection varies depending on the day. However, something that I've noticed seems to always be stocked is fresh fruits and vegetables!

By stocking up on these before resorting to chips and other snacks, you are able to have an arsenal in the fridge.

I used to think that "meal prep" and/or "snack prep" was an all-consuming time suck. I can say, with certainty that I don't believe that anymore. When I stopped to think about all the time I was spending looking for snacks and preparing them, either to take to the rink, or for at home, I realized that snack prep was the only way to go. One hour could save me a few during the week. After a trip to Sprouts (or wherever you buy your produce), I could come home and spend a half hour rinsing and dividing my fruits and veggies and stack them in the fridge for easy snacking. This picture took me about $20 and 40 minutes to accomplish.

The following week, I had to buy even more to prep because we were choosing fruits and veggies over any other snacks! Especially when it was warmer outside.

My best time saving tip is to have a colander on hand. It will cut your prep time in half. I usually dump all of the berries or grapes or tomatoes into it and rinse them all at once, then leave them dripping while I cut cucumbers, peppers, etc…

Another huge tip is giving yourself an area to work with and creating an "assembly line." Trust me, it saves tons of time.

I've noticed that allowing younger kids to get their own snacks, but only from the fruit and veggie packs, is a good way of getting them to independently make better food decisions. They usually enjoy their new independence and like to exercise it. Be sure to articulate how many of each item they are allowed to have, though. One portion of berries is great, but 3 can give them a belly ache!

For older kids, providing a healthy option that's easily accessed, and making less-healthy items less accessible can steer their decision making in the right direction; a habit that they can carry with them into adulthood. Grant it, every child is different, but one thing is constant….it's our responsibility as parents of athletes to help them make the decisions needed to be successful in the sport they love to play!

Items that are always staples on my "Quick Snack" prep list:



Baby Carrots

Blue/Ras/Black- Berries (Whichever is in Season)


Bell Peppers


Cherries (When in season)


Sugar Snap Peas

Pre-Cooked Soy Beans

Pre-Peeled Oranges

Pre-Peeled Nectarines (It is incredible how much more citrus kids will eat if it's been peeled for them)


Boiled Eggs

Woah! That's a long list! 

Stay tuned for more from the kitchen! 

Post Written by Amanda Theriot of Bitter Spice Kitchen,

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